Projekt-Übersicht | das kleine field recordings festival
Hello Visitor.

On this page you will find a short introduction
to each artist, a picture and a soundfile.
Some of the introductions are written by me,
some by the artist himself.
In any case it is loyal to the information
as you can find on their websites.

Further information on the programme you will find through this link: index

The exhibition found tapes, found sounds, found recorders
will be held in Gallery Takt, Wühlischstrasse 56 in Friedrichshain
3-12 February daily 17.00 - 20.00 hours

The opening of this exhibition is on the 3rd of February at 18.00hrs,
with a special guest appearance by Paulo Raposo
(and others)
the show will close on the 12th of February.

Gallery Transitlounge/Culturia will host from 7-12 february
Harold Schellinx's personal installation/exhibition:Found Tapes.
It will be a live version of his online Found Tapes Exhibition
and it includes objects, tapes, photographs and samples to listen to.
Josetti Höfe Rungestr. 22-24, Mitte
7 to 12th of February 15.00-18.00hrs

From the 7th to the 12th Harold Schellinx will divide his time,
working in the two gallery's restoring tapesalad;
He will also gladly receive your contributions.

Your contributions? Yes.

You are welcome to join:
just start picking up the tape salad you see in the street,
make a note where and when you found it,
bring it, or send it.

Also if you find a nice recording device at the side of the road
or next to a garbage container
(for example
pick it up,
and bring it to the gallery.

Recorders, as in human beings with a microphone wearing headphones,
you may tip on the shoulder and send/lead them to the gallery.
Gallery Takt Wühlischstrasse. 56
Friedrichshain U+S-Bahn Ostkreuz

Greetings from Berlin,
and see you at das kleine field recordings festival,

Rinus van Alebeek

Bernhard Gal

Chris Hearn

Derek Holzer

Gilles Aubry

Harold Schellinx

Jeff Gburek

Lasse-Marc Riek

Kate Donovan

Marcel Türkowsky


Nicolas Weiser

Paulo Raposo


Rob Curgenven

Roland Etzin

Stephane Leonard

Wolfram DER Spyra

Udo P.Leis

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